Downtown Disney

There is so much to do at Downtown Disney - for all ages. You could easily spend a morning or afternoon there without spending anything.  Or you might end up having to buy an ice-cream or a coffee but there's so many things you can do with the kids -and the grand parents  - that cost nothing!


Tip 1  The Lego Imagination Centre.
robably not the first place that comes to mind when you're looking to entertain the kids without spending anything. But trust me! Not only do they have vast buckets of lego for everyone to play with, but they have a number of computers where you can sit your children down to play lego games. And if that wasn't enough, outside they have re-instated the much loved "build a lego car and race it down the ramp" Believe me, we had over an hour here where both boys - and their father I might add - were totally absored in racing their little cars against each other - and every one else!  Adults can sit and admire the fantastic lego models, built with an attention to detail taht id breathtaking.  Outside, a 12-foot T-Rex model occasionally lets out a ferocious roar and a larger-than-life robot chatters electronically. In the lake stands the famous LEGO sea serpent and insdie the store, LEGO bricks have created life-size dogs, including a spotted Dalmatian, a Bulldog and a German Shepherd.

Tip 2  Water Taxi.
Take a round trip on the Water Taxi.  This leaves from Downtown Disney behind the Crab House Restaurant and goes to Pleasure Island and West Side. You can get off at WestSide and walk back if you're feeling energetic or you can stay on and just come back to Downtown .  It's only about 10 minutes each way but on a sunny hot day, with a breeze, it's lovely.  It's also a good thing for the  Grandparents to do when the grandchildren are absorbed in the Lego Centre!  You can also take a water taxi to Disney's Port Orleans Resort.  Like all the Disney resorts, this is well worth a visit. 


Tip 3 The "Once Upon a Toy" Store Disney Store has a huge Mr Potato Head area just inside the front door and children are encouraged to play with all the various Mr (and Mrs!) Potato Head parts. There's also a similar My Litte Pony area.   And of course, there's the whole store to look at, and videos to watch!  

Outside the store is a large Mr Potato Head and a large Buzz Lightyear - both of which are great photo spots.

Tip 4 Ghiradelli and Basin Stores 

Ghiradelli gives out free chocolate - one piece per person.  It's delicious. (And if you're in the mood for spending on ice-cream ... their ice-cream is delicious!)  And in Basin you can test out all sorts of lotions, soaps and sugar scrubs - and then wash your hands in the in-store basin - litte girls LOVE it.  It's worth a visit for the amazing smells alone.

Tip 5 The Animatronics 

Outside the Rain Forest Cafe, there's a large fake alligator and snake that moves, outside the T Rex Cafe, there is a huge T Rex that roars, and above the World of Disney store, there's a giant Stitch that squirts water periodically onto unsuspecting passers-by.

Tip 6 The Fountains

At one end of Downtown Disney, there are dancing fountains.  Take swim suits for the kids and let them play in the water.  These fountains are also fun for teenagers who inevitably run through them, trying not to get wet!  




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